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Package: 10 ampoules (200mg/ml)
Substance: Drostanolone propionate (Masteron)
Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma

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Masteron 200 is an anabolic and androgenic steroid. Produced in the form of two ethers – propionate (dipropionate) and enanthate, which determine the main characteristics of the steroid. The nature of the effect on the body remains unchanged, but the active substance enters the blood at different rates. Propionate drostanolona allows you to get the effect after 1-3 days after the injection, enanthate acts up to the crescent.

Drostanolone propionate (Masteron) has a moderate anabolic and high androgenic effect. It is not converted to estrogens, being an aromatase inhibitor. In its biological nature, Drostanolone is similar to dihydrotestosterone, and is its derivative. The chemical formula of the steroid is 2-alpha-dihydrotestosterone propionate. Initially, Drostanolone Propionate and Enanthate were used exclusively as a medical remedy for the treatment of breast cancer, but after a while they were canceled because of the high probability of virilization. Most often the steroid Masteron is available in ampoules of 100 and 50 mg / ml.

Dosage and administration of Masteron 200

On average, the weekly dosage for athletes is 300-400 mg, and more advanced bodybuilders take up to 500-600 mg per week. Soft side effects of the master can be taken up to 1000 mg per week, but such excessive doses do not make sense.

The schedule of injections will strongly depend on the ether of drostanolone. If the choice fell on propionate, injections should be done every other day. If droostanolone enanthate is used, it will be enough to inject once a week.

Masteron 200 is mainly used for drying muscles to give the musculature additional hardness and relief before the competition. However, there is one important nuance that must be borne in mind. In order to get the most from the capabilities of the master for drying and hardening, the body fat level should not exceed 10-13%. Moreover, there will be no particularly visible results if the athlete does not have a certain muscle mass.

Due to its anti-estrogenic properties, the masteron is simply ideal for combining with other steroids. For drying, it can be combined with Winstrol, Primobolan, or Anavar. In this case, the typed muscles will be of exceptional quality without the delay of water or fat. In addition, drostanolone can be used in courses for weight gain. For this, it can be combined with Dianabol or injectable testosterone. This combination will help to add quality to the typed mass, and partially suppress side effects of estrogenic nature.

Reviews of Masteron

A specific steroid is enough, androgenic activity of which exceeds anabolic. Reviews of Drostanolone speak of it as a good fat burner, especially if it is used in combination with drugs that compensate for androgenic effects. As for the master solo course, exceeding the recommended dosages is more likely to result in side effects.

Reviews of Masteron propionate and enanthate recommend a steroid for increasing the relief, hardness and muscularity of the muscles. Women use the drug is not advised because of the high risk of virilization.

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