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Stan-Max works not only poorly in androgenic and on average anabolic. Muscles built with the help of this substance are solid and of high quality, and experience has shown that the newly-formed musculature remains largely preserved after weaning. The increase in strength achieved with Winstrol is moderate, but constant, that is, there is no sudden increase in strength, in exchange for 3 – 4 months, steady progress is achieved. Whoever is interested in rapid weight gain, then Stanozolol is not the right substance.

Application of Stan-Max

The main area of ​​application of  in bodybuilding is the pre-competition phase or the phase of the diet. Stan-Max is undoubtedly the most popular steroid used before the competition, but it can definitely mean the difference between “hard” and “dry” muscles in athletes who already have low body fat and are close to the form required during the competition. To avoid any misunderstandings, it should be clearly stated that Stanozolol does not automatically reduce body fat and hardens the musculature.

Effects of Stan-Max

The cosmetic effect of Stanozolol is only fully visible if the athlete observes a proper diet and the amount of fat fluctuates around 6%. However, for hobbyists with an average fat content, the properties of stanozolol will not be visible. However, there is a noticeable effect on the skin. The skin regenerates faster and also releases subcutaneous water.

During a severe and often long-term diet prior to the competition, stanozolol, like most steroids, helps prevent muscle and strength loss. The positive side of Stan-Max is that it does not convert into estrogen and does not lead to water accumulation. In practice, this means that athletes are given the choice whether to experiment with Stan-Max. Too large a dose will not definitely lead to a loss of form, but due to the growing amount of androgens will rather reverse. do they have to experiment with Stanozolol.

How to take Stan-Max

Effective doses oscillate between 50 mg, every 2 days until daily injections of 100 mg. The ideal dose during competition is 50 mg Stanozolol per day. Amateurs who would like to have a certain muscle mass, detailing the abdominal muscles, are willing to use Stanozolol. Here, it supports the growth of muscularity with a high value and at the same time does not cause too much weight gain. A 50 mg injection is considered as a minimum in the case of dosing every other day. However, a better solution would be either 50 mg per day or 100 mg on a two-day rhythm.

Among women, Stan-Max is undoubtedly one of the most desirable steroids. Women in the growth phase can gain muscle mass of good quality or prepare their diet before competition. Regarding the dosage, injections are used in an amount of 50 mg 1-2 times daily or alternatively in the case of tablets of 10-25 mg per day.

It is interesting that among women Stanozolol is much more popular than among men. Dosage is between 25 and 100 mg per single use. Athletes with greater weight tend to take larger doses. However, the optimal effective amount should be tested by yourself. Some people need a full 100 mg before sexual act, while others have as little as 25 mg.

Combinations with Stan-Max

Stanozolol can be used alone or also in combination. In a milder combination, 200-300 mg of Methenolone Entatate per week can be added. Who would like a stronger combination, this one combines Stanozolol with Testosterone Propionate (50 mg, every 1-2 days) or Testosterone Enantat. Both combinations are popular among beginners.

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