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Testocyp is Alpha Pharma‘s version of Testosterone Cypionate. This long ester of testosterone has a half-life of 8-12 days and can have effects in the body for up 2 weeks or more. This is what makes this injectable steroid so convenient for athletes everywhere, making injections needed only once a week to achieve maximum results in their training. This paired with the fact that athletes are able to retain their gained muscle mass after a cycle makes this a top choice for body builders and weightlifters everywhere.


Unlike many anabolic steroids, Testosterone Cypionate does not have the same detrimental effects on the liver that others do and is not as hard on the hormonal system either. It’s for these reasons that many choose this steroid over Testosterone Enanthate when they are choosing which steroid is best for their cycle. Other positive benefits of Test Cyp are:

  • Heavy increases in strength indicators
  • Noticeable increase in muscle mass
  • Very fast recovery between workouts
  • Increased libido
  • Minimal water retention
  • An overall improved mood
  • Defined muscles at the end of the cycle
  • A smoother hormonal background compared to other steroids

As you can see, there are many benefits of cycling Testosterone Cypionate.


Recommendations for usage should always be followed when using this drug. If using a solo cycle of Testosterone cypionate the dosage most use is between 250-500mg per week, injected once per week. It is not recommended that the dosage ever exceed 500-1000mg per week. Higher doses should only be used by experienced athletes as it can lead to aromatization and other unwanted side effects.

When combining with other drugs during the cycle, it is recommended to only combine with orally taken anabolics such as DianabolPrimobolanWinstrolOxandrolone, and Turinabol as these can help achieve optimal results and the dosage for the athlete can remain unchanged.


Side effects only usually occur when the drug dosage recommendations have been exceeded or when the cycle length has been exceeded. One of the main side effects is aromatization which causes testosterone in the body to convert into estrogen. When this happens, the athlete is at risk of gynecomastia and excess fluid retention. This can be prevented by taking an aromatase inhibitor such as Anastrozole until all signs of aromatization are gone.

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Because this testosterone is such a long ester the PCT athletes will need to do will begin 10-15 days after the last injection was made. During the PCT it is recommended that Tamoxifen or Clomid be taken, and if there are any signs of aromatization Anastrozole can also continue to be taken. In some cases, athletes also inject Gonadotropin to help with testicular health after the cycle. The PCT should only last 2-4 weeks.

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