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Substance: Testosterone propionate
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Proprime (Testosterone propionate) is a testosterone ester based on a solution of oil. The ester propionate is quite short, which is why its action is much faster than testosterone esters, such as cypionate or enanthate. Therefore, it requires frequent injections in order to maintain a stable blood testosterone level at an appropriate level. The required frequency of injection is the biggest disadvantage of this measure, they must be made every day or every other day. This is particularly unfavorable for people with frequent allergic reactions to intramuscular injections.

Principle of operation Proprime

Among bodybuilders, Proprime is perceived as the mildest testosterone, often used even during periods of work on the definition. Some even think that it does not cause such a significant retention of water as its longer esters. However, looking realistically, these theories are not right. The ester is removed before testosterone becomes active in the body, therefore it has no effect on the action of the essential hormone. It can only affect the time in which its operation takes place. Testosterone propionate is the only ester that can be used by women. Due to the short period of activity, it is easier to control its concentration in the blood. In the case of the onset of the occurrence of side effects, particularly unfavorable for women, they do not have to wait for several weeks before its concentration decreases.

Some veterinary concerns, as well as underground laboratories, produce Proprime at a concentration of 250mg / ml. This is of course a product only for very advanced bodybuilders and weightlifters, since such concentrations reach long-acting testosterones (cypionate and enanthate).

Property of Proprime

Another unfavorable property of testosterone (and more precisely because of the possibility of testosterone in DHT) is its high androgenicity. Often related side effects are manifested – oily skin, acne, excessive body hair, increased aggression, acceleration of balding processes, prostatic hypertrophy. These effects can be minimized by limiting the conversion of testosterone to DHT, i.e. taking drugs such as I5AR. Finasteride and dutasteride, reducing the concentration of this metabolite in the blood, also probably reduces the side effects associated with it, thus exposing itself to greater aromatization.

Dosage of Proprime

The most common dosage of Proprime by men is to inject from 50 – 100mg of the product every day, or every other day. As with longer esters, the weekly dose should reach 300-700mg. Like any injectable testosterone, this one is also well suited for the development of muscle mass and strength. Most often, it is combined with agents such as Dianabol, Anadrol, or a slightly different option, Deca-Durabolin. On the other hand, for use in the definitions of work cycles, it is taken in combination with non-aromatizing anabolics, benefiting from positive androgenic properties and short duration of action.

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