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Turinabol pills have been around for bodybuilding and weightlifting enthusiasts for many years. You can find various brands of Turinabol for sale in our store. When used correctly, the benefits of taking these pills include increasing muscle mass, boosting strength, and improving endurance. But what is the right dosage and cycle length for you, and what are the benefits of taking oral Turinabol during a cycle? Keep reading to find out.


Turinabol (also known as Tbol) is an oral steroid that is commonly used in bodybuilding, weightlifting, and other physique sports. This is a powerful anabolic steroid that can help you increase your muscle mass and improve your strength and endurance.

Turinabol is a powerful anabolic steroid that is often compared to methandrostenolone. Both drugs are similar in the sense that they are both derived from testosterone, but Turinabol has been designed for use in women and children, whereas methandrostenolone is used in men. In the 1940s, Bulgarian scientists developed Turinabol as a treatment for dystrophy and rickets in children. This was later prescribed as a medication for women who suffered from breast cancer and other forms of gynecological malignancies.


Tbol steroids work by increasing protein synthesis in the cells, which means that they help to build up your muscles over time. Turinabol also helps to decrease the number of glucocorticoid hormones that your body produces, which can prevent muscle loss while you’re taking a break from training. Additionally, Tbol helps to boost testosterone levels in your body, providing these benefits while avoiding issues such as estrogen conversion.


Many take Turinabol pills as a stand-alone steroid for bodybuilding after they’ve completed their other anabolic steroid cycle. This can be very beneficial because it’s considered to be one of the mildest oral steroids, which is why it makes the perfect choice for many people who are new to weightlifting and bodybuilding.

Bodybuilders usually take Tbol pills throughout their entire off-season training period because it can help them maintain the lean, muscular body they want without losing any of the gains they’ve made during their steroid cycles. If you take Turinabol after a cycle, you will see how much easier it is to gain more muscle.


Due to its mild nature, the Tbol dosage can be higher than that of other oral steroids without causing severe side effects, resulting in better results from a Tbol cycle. It is recommended to take Turinabol pills twice a day—once in the morning and once in the evening—to maintain stable blood levels of the steroid throughout the day. Taking the pills with food is also crucial to ensure proper absorption.


Incorporating Turinabol pills into your bodybuilding regimen can provide many benefits, including increasing muscle mass, boosting strength, and improving endurance. As with any steroid, it is important to use Turinabol responsibly and as directed to avoid negative side effects.

For men, the tolerable Tbol dosage typically falls between 30 mg and 40 mg per day, taken in one or two equal doses throughout the day.


Females who want to take Turinabol pills should take a much lower dose than men to avoid potential side effects. For a Turinabol cycle, the recommended dosage for women is 5–15 mg daily.


Turinabol is considered to be one of the mildest. If you’re new to steroid use, it is recommended that you start your Turinabol dosage at 20 mg per day and then slowly increase your dosage to a maximum of 40 mg as needed during the Tbol cycle. This will help you avoid negative side effects.


Before you take any anabolic steroid, you must always follow the recommended dosage and cycle length to get the best results. Tbol is a fairly mild oral steroid, but it does possess some liver toxicity if used for an extended period. Therefore, any Turinabol cycle length should be no longer than 8 weeks.


According to feedback from customers and Turinabol reviews, the most tolerable Tbol cycle length for beginners is 6 weeks maximum. This time is enough to receive the full benefits of the Turinabol cycle without having to deal with a large number of side effects.


Experienced bodybuilders may take Turinabol pills during the first weeks of their off-season training cycle and stop taking them at about week 6 or 7 because that’s when they begin to see a decrease in benefits and gains.


Female Turinabol users should ideally take the steroid for no longer than 4 weeks at a time, otherwise, they run the risk of experiencing undesirable side effects.


After your Turinabol cycle, it’s recommended that you run an effective PCT and take a break from using the steroid for at least 6 to 8 weeks. This will give your body a chance to restore natural testosterone production and avoid additional side effects.

You can find more information on the perfect Turinabol cycle on our website.


One of the Tbol benefits is that it’s a milder oral anabolic steroid, which is why it’s often used by beginner weightlifters and bodybuilders. Additionally, it can be used solo or with several other steroids because it won’t cause many of the side effects that other anabolic steroids do.


Here are some of the main Tbol results:

  • Boost your red blood cell (RBC) count:

Taking Turinabol can improve your RBC count, which means that more oxygen can be carried throughout your body via hemoglobin. This will help to increase your stamina and endurance, allowing you to train harder and longer without getting tired easily.

  • Increase muscle mass:

If you want to add muscle, taking Turinabol can help. It’s milder than other steroids, which means that you can take it in higher dosages without experiencing too many side effects. Due to the increased RBC count, oxygen is more easily transported throughout your body, providing your muscles with more fuel for workouts and better results.

  • Improve your overall training performance:

When you take Turinabol, you’ll have more motivation to train because you’ll have more endurance and energy to train harder than before. Additionally, the steroid can increase protein synthesis in your muscles, helping them to repair and grow faster than before. This means you can train your muscles more often without experiencing much muscle soreness or fatigue.

  • Alleviate some of the negative effects of cutting:

Turinabol can help you maintain your lean muscle mass while cutting down on fat. When you cut, your body needs more oxygen, and taking Turinabol can increase RBC production and your endurance. This way, you’ll get a harder, more defined look.


Turinabol is one of the milder steroids, but it’s important to follow the recommended dosage and cycle length to avoid negative Turinabol side effects. Here are some common side effects to watch out for:

  • Gynecomastia: 

This is a condition where men develop breasts. However, this Turinabol side effect can usually be treated by taking anti-estrogens such as Proviron, Tamoxifen, or Clomid.

  • High blood pressure:

Turinabol side effects may cause your blood pressure levels to rise. So, you should always have blood pressure medication on hand during your Tbol cycle.

  • Cholesterol problems:

When taking this steroid, your cholesterol levels may rise. This side effect of Turinabol can be a serious problem if you already have high cholesterol.


There are several reminders to keep in mind when using Turinabol in bodybuilding. For starters, each bodybuilder who uses Turinabol should keep in mind that abusing the drug will speed up the onset of steroid withdrawal symptoms, which can include a loss of appetite, depression, fatigue, and restlessness.

By following the recommended Turinabol dosage and cycle length, you can achieve the best results with fewer Turinabol side effects.


If you’re new to Turinabol, it’s essential to stick to the guidelines and cycle with other steroids to reduce the chances of Turinabol side effects. Combining Turinabol with testosterone or other steroids can enhance the benefits of your cycle and help you achieve your bodybuilding goals. Here are some good combinations:

  • Turinabol/Testosterone cycle
  • Turinabol/Anavar cycle
  • Turinabol/Winstrol cycle


A Turinabol Testosterone cycle is recommended for beginners which will last for 12 weeks and will look like this:

  • Weeks 1-6 – Turinabol 30-40 mg/day (half in the morning, half in the evening)
  • Weeks 1-12 – Testosterone (Enanthate or Cypionate) 250 mg/week

To get the most out of your first Tbol cycle, it’s always best to stack it with testosterone. The benefits of cycling Testosterone Cypionate, Enanthate, or Propionate with Turinabol are that Tbol will enhance the gains and reduce the side effects of testosterone. While testosterone will add a lot of muscle mass to the body, it will also add a lot of water weight. But when Turinabol is added to the testosterone cycle, water, and fat retention can be reduced, resulting in more defined and hard muscle mass.

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If you’re an intermediate bodybuilder looking to improve muscle gain without gaining too much water weight, you should consider incorporating Nandrolone Decanoate into your testosterone and turinabol cycles. The cycle will also last about 12 weeks, with the following dosages:

  • Weeks 1-6 – Turinabol 40mg / day (20mg in the morning, 20mg in the evening)
  • Weeks 1-12 – Testosterone (Enanthate or Cypionate) 250mg / week
  • Weeks 1-12 – Nandrolone Decanoate (Deca Durabolin) 400mg / week

With testosterone as the base steroid, combining an extremely “wet” steroid like Deca Durabolin can provide a large increase in muscle growth, but the amount of water retention will be high. This is where Turinabol comes in to ensure that the muscle mass gained from the cycle is high-quality and solid.


If you’re an experienced user looking for an effective lean muscle mass cycle, consider including Trenbolone in your Turinabol cycle while keeping Testosterone as the base steroid. This 8-week cycle will help you achieve your desired results:

  • Weeks 1-6 – Turinabol 40 mg/day (20mg in the morning, 20mg in the evening)
  • Weeks 1-8 – Testosterone (Enanthate or Cypionate) 250 mg/week
  • Weeks 1-8 – Trenbolone Enanthate 300mg / week

Trenbolone is a powerful anabolic steroid that can provide outstanding muscle gains while burning fat. However, it should only be used by those who have prior experience with similar steroids. For optimal results, stick to the recommended Tbol dosage and cycle.


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I hit the gym a lot and lately, I’ve been feeling like my muscles ain’t popping as much as they used to. My bros were like: dude, you need to bulk up and try some Turinabol pills to get rid of that water weight LOL.. So, me being like I ‘yeh why not haha!’… and gave it a shot. lemme me tell you, the results were freakin insane!

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What is Turinabol, and what are its benefits?

Turinabol is an oral steroid that helps bodybuilders gain lean muscle mass, improve athletic performance, and enjoy several health benefits such as better sleep, increased focus, and increased energy during the day. It’s also a great option for those on a budget, as it’s one of the cheapest steroids on the market.

What can Turinabol do for you?

Turinabol is a steroid that will help you gain lean muscle mass. Whether you are an amateur or professional bodybuilder, this steroid will help you achieve your goals. It will also provide several health benefits, like better sleep, better focus, and more energy during the day.

What is the recommended Turinabol dosage?

The recommended Turinabol dosage is typically 50 mg once per day, split into two smaller doses. However, it may vary depending on your body type, weight, tolerance, and how you react to the supplement.

When is the best time to take Turinabol?

The daily dosage of Turinabol should be split into two smaller doses and taken at least 8 hours apart. Some bodybuilders prefer taking the steroid after breakfast and before bed, while others take it at other times of the day. The best time to take Turinabol ultimately depends on your personal preference and schedule.

How long does a Turinabol cycle last?

A Turinabol cycle should typically last between 4 and 5 weeks. It will depend on your body type, weight, tolerance, and how you react to the supplement. If you are taking the daily dosage of 50 mg once per day, you will typically start seeing results within the first week. Once you finish the cycle, you will be required to take a week off before starting another one.

How long should a Turinabol cycle last?

A Turinabol cycle should typically last between 4 and 5 weeks, depending on your goals and how your body reacts to the supplement. If you’re taking the daily dosage of 50 mg once per day, you may start seeing results within the first week. After completing a cycle, it’s recommended to take a week off before starting another one.

How soon should I see the results?

You should see some initial results within the first week of taking Turinabol. Some people may even begin to notice results during the second day as it works as quickly as within the first 24 hours. However, it will depend on your weight, caloric intake, and other factors.

What kind of results can I expect from taking Turinabol?

 You should expect to see initial results within the first week of taking Turinabol, with some people noticing results as early as the second day. However, results may vary depending on your weight, caloric intake, and other factors.

Can Turinabol be combined with testosterone for better results?

Yes, a Turinabol and testosterone cycle can be effective for bodybuilding. It’s recommended to keep testosterone as the base steroid and add Trenbolone to create an effective lean muscle mass cycle. The cycle should last for 8 weeks.

Is Turinabol worth the price?

Turinabol is one of the cheapest steroids on the market, making it well worth its price tag. In the long run, Turinabol is worth it, as you can easily recover your investment in less than 4 to 5 weeks.

Turinabol is an effective oral steroid that can help bodybuilders achieve their fitness goals. Whether you’re looking to gain lean muscle mass, improve athletic performance, or enjoy several health benefits, Turinabol can deliver the best results without breaking the bank.


Turinabol is very popular for bodybuilders who are looking to get ripped, gain muscle mass, or improve their athletic performance. It’s also one of the cheapest steroids on the market which makes it perfect for any budget. The results will be almost instant, and you can continue taking it as long as you want. With thousands of satisfied customers, Turinabol is worth your money. The good thing about this supplement is that it works both for men and women!


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