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Package: 10 ampoules (50mg/ml)
Substance: Stanozolol injection (Winstrol depot)
Manufacturer: Eminence Labs

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Stanoprime is an anabolic and androgenic steroid – injectable (depot) and tabletted. Stanoprime was first released in 1962 by Winthrop Laboratories. Structurally it is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. It was originally used on horses, but after the approval of the FDA – the Office for the Control of Medicines and Food, was also used for sporting purposes. Although Winstrol depot is a progesterone antagonist, it does not block the progestagen effect of nandrolones. The peculiarity of Stanoprime injection is that it has an aqueous form unlike most steroids.

As for Stanoprime in tablets, the active substance does not break down when passing through the liver and has a high bioavailability. The presence of an alkyl group in the alpha-17 position causes the toxic effect of Stanoprime on the liver. In addition to this deficiency, the steroid rarely causes side effects, and is often used by women (nevertheless, when dosages are exceeded, masculinization and virilization are still possible).

For whom the course Stanoprime solo

This course is suitable for people who have a sufficient body weight with a moderate fat content.
For athletes who are engaged in martial arts, jogging, swimming jim wendler 5/3/1 and do not have far-reaching plans in building an ideal relief with the help of pharmacology, I recommend reducing the dosage to 20 mg (2 tablets) per day. This will be enough to tighten the speed indicators and endurance.

The effect of the course of Stanoprime

  • the relief of the musculature (the main effect for which this drug is used)
  • depiction of venous matter
  • a significant increase in strength and endurance
  • burning fat
  • almost no rollback effect
  • removal of fluid from the body (this is associated with a major side effect – the risk of damage to the joints and ligaments)

Stanoprime solo – this is not the course anavar 50mg for sale that is used for recruiting mass, this course is intended primarily for relief, strength and endurance. Collect an average of 2-3 kg of dry weight with proper nutrition.

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