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Substance: Stanozolol oral (Winstrol)
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Stanoprime is nothing more than a very popular anabolic steroid – Stanozolol oral (Winstrol). Stanozolol is a dihydrotestostone derivative, however, with much less androgenic activity. In principle, Stanozolol is more anabolic so that it can provide significant gains of good quality muscle mass and strength. Stanozolol can not equal strong anabolics such as Metanabol or Anadrol, however, muscular tissue after WInstrol does not contain as much water as in those cases. Stanozolol is available in both injection and oral forms. Although the form in “shots” is more popular, however, for people who do not like injecting tablets are also available, and their operation is no different from the injection mold.

Principle of operation Stanoprime

Stanoprime does not convert to estrogens, so you do not need to take anestestrogens. Even particularly sensitive people should not be afraid of estrogenic side effects in this case. Winstrol is used most often during pre-competition preparations, when the goal is to develop a sharp definition, but it is also very popular as a doping measure in athletic disciplines, swimming, etc.

Doses of Stanoprime

Stanoprime can be taken by both men and women. Average doses of Stanoprime in the form of tablets, for men range from 35 to 75 mg per day, for women it is from 5 to 10 mg per day. Depending on the effects we want to achieve, we can combine it with various other anabolic steroids. In cut cycles, it is most commonly used with non-aromatizing androgens, e.g. Trenbolone. In typical mass cycles, it can be combined with Metanabol, Testosterone or Anadrol. Such a combination will bring large gains in muscle mass without unnecessary water retention, and a significant increase in strength.

Stanoprime is unfortunately toxic to the liver, both oral and injectable. It is therefore necessary to take measures to protect the liver, eg Hepatil or Esseliv Forte. It should also not exceed the recommended dosing periods, which are max. 8 weeks for Stanozolol.

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