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Substance: Trenbolone acetate
Manufacturer: Eminence Labs

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Trenbolone is called “God’s gift” in the United States. There has been a lot of movement on this steroid for years. Six years after the end of the production of the French “Parabolan” this substance is experiencing popularity like no other steroid. Trenoprime binds strongly to androgen receptors and has extremely high anabolic properties. In practice, it works three times more strongly anabolic and doubly androgenic like testosterone, a male sex hormone. However, the use of Trenbolone is not accompanied by the typical testosterone accumulation of water, because this substance due to its structure can not convert into estrogen.

So Trenbolone is a steroid which quickly develops mass and strength and does not accumulate water. Athletes use this substance both in the mass growth phase and in the pre-competition phase, where it offers a lot of advantages in equal measure. Because Trenbolone works very strongly anabolically, the rule is fast muscle growth with high quality.

The accumulation of water here is completely out of the question, because Trenoprime, as it has been said before, is not transformed into estrogen. The favorite steroids used during the diet in combination with Trenbolone are Stanozolol, Testosterone Propionate, Methenolone Enantat, Boldenone Undecylenate and Drostanolon.

In order to gain weight, combinations with prolonged testosterones, Nandrolone Decanoat, Metandienone and, if necessary, with growth hormone are used. Due to its strength, Trenbolone can also be used individually at a dose of 50-100 mg per day.

What is Trenoprime?

Trenoprime is otherwise called Tren. The acetate ester added to Trenbolone makes the preparation work about 2 days. Trenbolone is a steroid that has unusual predispositions to build muscle mass, thanks to its strong anabolic and anatomy properties. Due to the fact that Trenbolone does not aromatize, it allows you to develop muscles of excellent quality, dry muscles without excess water. In addition, the lack of aromatisation avoids estrogenic side effects, such as gynecomastia or fat deposition around the hips and thighs. Trenbolone works very well as a preparation used to lower body fat, which is why it is great for cycles aimed at reducing body weight.

Trenoprime effect

You do not need to use a particularly drastic diet. The use of Trenoprime harden muscles and improve definitions. In addition, Trenbolone has the ability to disable cortisol receptors. From the perspective of bodybuilders, cortisol is a very unfavorable hormone that reduces the effects of training. helps to reduce cortisol levels, thanks to which it allows you to break the homeostasis of the body and accelerate the growth of muscle mass. Exercise catabolism is slowed down and less muscle tissue is burned to compensate for energy deficiencies after training. This action occurs not only during the Trenoprime cycle, but also for some time after stopping taking it.

Trenoprime dosage

Due to the large negative effect of Trenoprime on the kidneys and liver, it is recommended to drink up to 5 liters of water a day during the course of the cycle. In addition, due to the strong androgenic effect there is a high risk of prostate enlargement and possible alopecia, therefore, dosing periods should not be extended beyond 8 weeks.

Dosage – due to short duration of action The average dose for Trenoprime is from 37 mg to 75 mg injected every other day.

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