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95210 is a community wide strategy for promoting life-long healthy habits.  With simple health messages behind each number, 95210 communicates key behaviors that promote healthy weight and overall good health.  95210 makes it easy to dianabol pills for sale remember some of the most important steps families, community organizations and workplaces can take to promote healthy living.

Doctors recommend 9 hours of sleep each night!

If you think sleep is merely a cozy luxury that comes at the end of a long day, think again. Sleep is an integral component of our health. In fact, this often misunderstood part of our physiological make-up may hold a much larger key to our health than we understand.
Importance of Sleep
Sleep is a critical factor to maintaining health.

Sleep enables the body to:

• Rest and recharge
• Perform important physiological processes such as hormone regulation,
• Learn
• Make memories
• Repair & renew cells & tissues

Sleep is essential to our emotional and physical wellbeing. It is a time during which the body can rest and the anavar for sale mind can sort things out.

Consequences of Sleep Deprivation:
The average person needs six to eight hours of sleep per day, but most of us don’t get as much as we need. Studies have shown that lack of sleep leads to a dramatic decline in a person’s ability to perform even simple tasks.

Individuals who are sleep-deprived may experience:

• Drowsiness
• Irritability
• Lack turinabol
of concentration
• Impaired performance.
• Compromised immune system
• Mood swings
• Erratic behavior.

Fruits & Vegetables

Doctors recommend we eat at least FIVE fruits and vegetables each day!

Balancing Calories

Enjoy your food, but eat less.

Avoid oversized portions.

Foods to Increase

Make half your plate fruits and vegetables.

Choose whole grains (like brown rice, oatmeal,whole wheat bread, and whole grain pasta).

Switch to fat-free or low-fat (1%) milk.

Go Lean with Protein

Foods to Reduce

Compare sodium in foods jim wendler like soup, bread, andfrozen meals ― and choose the foods with lower numbers.

Cut back on empty calories such as sweets,sugary sodas, high fat meats and dairy foods, and overly processed foods. Look for opportunities to substitute lighter, fresher foods.

Avoid hydrogenated and trans fats. Substitute healthy oils such as olive and canola.

To get a healthy variety, think color. Eating fruits and vegetables of different colors gives your body a wide range of valuable nutrients, like fiber, folate, potassium, and vitamins A and C.


  • Green spinach
  • Orange sweet potatoes
  • Black beans
  • Yellow corn
  • Purple plums
  • Red watermelon
  • White onions.

For more variety, try new fruits and vegetables regularly

Screen Time

No more than 2 hours of leisure screen time per day

Screen time, whether the television, computer, or video games is one of the largest contributors to childhood obesity.

Ways to Improve:

Talk to Your Family

• Sit less and move winstrol for sale more to stay healthy
• Gives you more energy

Log Screen Time vs. Active Time

• Strive for 1:1 ratio of leisure screen time vs active play

Make Screen Time = Active Time

• While watching tv do something active.
• Stretch, do yoga and/or lift weights.
• Challenge the family to see who can do the most push-ups, jumping jacks, or leg lifts during TV commercial breaks.

Make Meal Time = Family Time

• Turn OFF the TV during meals


Barrier No. 1: I don’t have enough time to exercise.

Setting aside time to exercise can be a challenge. Use a little creativity to get the most out of your time.

Squeeze in short walks throughout the day. If you don’t have time for a full workout, don’t sweat it. Shorter spurts of exercise, such as 10 minutes of walking spaced throughout the day, offer benefits too.

Get up earlier. If your days are packed and the evening hours are just as hectic, get up 30 minutes earlier twice a week to exercise.

Once you’ve adjusted to early-morning workouts, add another day or two to the routine.

Drive less, walk more.

Park in the back row of the parking lot or even a few blocks away and walk to your destination.

Revamp your rituals. Your weekly Saturday matinee with the kids or your best friend could be reborn as your weekly Saturday bike ride, rock-climbing lesson or trip to the pool.

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