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  1. Sever Acne: For Heavy steroid users the battle can be Usually in moderate doses a user will experience a small amount of acne on the chest or the back. This is because steroids can play havoc with the pores and oil production of the skin. While rare it isn’t unheard of when a severe case causes ulcerated wounds and permanent scarring.
  2. Masculinization: While steroid use can cause men to go bald, steroids can actually cause women to grow abnormal amounts of hair all over their body. In fact, excessive steroid use can actually make women look so much like men that some have decided to live their lives as The most extreme case of this is former East German Shot Putter Heidi Krieger. Taking steroids since the age of 16 Heidi’s appearance changed so drastically that she decided to undergo sex reassignment surgery and goes by the name Andreas.
  3. Shrunken Testicles: Excessive steroids high in testosterone can cause an increase in estrogen in the body. This can cause havoc with many of the parts involved in the reproductive system to the point of The most obvious and disturbing side effect that men notice is that their testicles shrink noticeably and can become quite small.
  4. Man Boobs: Another unfortunate result of excessive steroid use is the development of breasts in Certain steroids can cause a significant increase in the amount of estrogen in a mans body. This hormone increases body fat especially in the chest as well as increasing nipple sensitivity.
  5. Liver Damage: Consuming large amounts of steroids orally can place a huge burden on the liver similar to heavy alcohol Serious conditions are rare but they do happen in a percentage of users. The liver can stop filtering out toxins which turns your skin hello and slowly causes organ decay resulting in death. The liver can also fill with blood or develop cancerous tumors.
  6. Heart Problems: Like artery clogging foods steroids can cause significant damage to your heart and put you in an elevated risk for a heart attack or stroke, hardening of the arteries, high blood pressure and a noticeable increase insteroid abuse
  7. Inhibited Growth & Development: Childhood and early adolescence steroid use during this phase of life can have rather bad Studies have shown that 1 in 20 teenage boys and 1 in 40 teenage girls have used steroids at one point. For the majority, there will be no long term consequences. However for those who use steroids heavily potential long term effects include heart problems as well as stunted growth thanks to the bones developing too quickly and stopping at an early age.
  8. Baldness: Certain steroids can increase male sex hormones which are lined with premature Not all men will go bald from using steroids. However those genetically prone to losing their hair or already facing a rather thin patch up top are the greatest risk.
  9. Rupturing: Steroids weaken the tendons which attach the muscle to the Too much steroid use can weaken them so much that one could flex and the tendons rip and rupture. It then requires rather invasive surgery to repair and reattach the ruptured tendons. In rare cases if a tendon goes untreated it can cause permanent disability and chronic pain.
  10. Aggressiveness and Rage: Studies have consistently shown that steroid abuse can affect your Some noted side effects include mood swings and depression. Perhaps the best known byproduct of steroid use is an increase in aggression oreven rage known as “Roid Rage” the anger and potential outbursts are often attributed to excessive testosterone levels found in long time users. Elevated levels can amplify already existing personality traits or conditions resulting in aggressive outbursts.