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Anazole is a pill that strongly inhibits the estrogenic process. It can efficiently restore the body’s natural estrogen hormone balance when used properly. These characteristics make the medication well-liked in sports medicine. It enables you to get rid of the side effects associated with even the strongest steroid medications.


A medicine that inhibits the enzyme aromatase, Anastrozole is a member of the third generation of this class of drug. It is used to treat menopausal symptoms in women (in tiny doses), and it also helps cut estradiol levels virtually in half.


Anastrozole may have androgenic and progestogenic effects when taken in greater doses. The medicine does not interfere with the synthesis of cortisol or aldosterone and does not require the use of corticosteroids as a replacement. Anastrozole, for instance, has a longer disintegration period than the medication Aminoglutethimide. The drug’s ideal dosage prevents the feminization of the masculine body. No sooner than day two after consumption, the active substance is eliminated from the body. However, within three days, roughly 10% of the active ingredient is eliminated from the body (with urine).


The principal application for Anastrozole in sports is as a recovery agent following the usage of steroids or in combination with steroids.



The major goal of the drug Anastrozole is to stop the side effects of potent steroid medications. As a result, this procedure directly affects the results of its use:


  • Stopping too much fluid being accumulated in the body
  • Preventing gynecomastia
  • Blocking estrogenic effects
  • Avoiding feminization in men



The recommended daily dose of Anastrozole is 1 mg. It takes about two weeks to complete the cycle. This amount of time is sufficient for the effects of anabolic steroid use to completely vanish. The moment the medication enters the bloodstream, it starts to work.


After the initial consumption, a few hours later, the peak exposure concentration is seen. While the amount of the active component remains the same while taking this medication with food, the absorption rate is significantly decreased. After taking the medication for a week, the blood’s level of the active ingredient is optimal.


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