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Androlic is an anabolic and androgenic steroid, one of the most powerful oral medications on the pharmacological market. A synthetic agent, the active ingredient oxymetholone, was invented in the 1960s by Syntex Pharmaceuticals. Initially, it was used to treat osteoporosis (slow development) and anemia, as well as to stimulate muscle growth in patients. Anabolic has virtually disappeared from the market after the invention of more progressive non-steroidal agents. However, recent studies have found high efficacy of oxymetholone in the treatment of HIV-infected patients.

The drug has high anabolic activity (320% of testosterone) and moderate androgenic activity. Despite the fact that oxymetolone does not convert to estrogen, it itself has some estrogenic effect on the body.

Effects of taking Androlic

  • Strong growth of muscle mass. is one of the most effective ways to increase muscle volume. For a course of a preparation, it is possible to type up to 15 kg of weight. For Androlic, the recoil phenomenon is typical: about 30% of the collected mass falls on the water and disappears some time after the end of the admission.
  • Stimulation of synovial fluid production. Androlic increases the mobility of the joints.
  • Increased strength.
  • Decrease in the concentration of globulin binding the sex hormones. Because of this property, Androlik enhances the effect of the steroids used on the combined course.
  • Stimulation of erythropoietin production.
  • Hemopoiesis The reception of Androlic stimulates the formation of blood. The production of erythrocytes in large amounts helps to increase endurance due to a more efficient oxygen consumption by the muscles.
  • Improved protein production.

How to take Androlic

The Androlic course is used to gain muscle mass and is not recommended for minors. Its duration is from one to a month and a half. With longer administration of the drug, the risk of side effects increases significantly. The maximum dosage of Androlic is 100 milligrams a day. If the course of this steroid is for you first, then it makes sense to gradually increase the dosage: you can study the effect of the drug on the body and make the appropriate adjustments. At the end of the course, the PCT is recommended: to boost the production of testosterone, the boosters (for 2-3 weeks after the cancellation) are the best.

How to take Oxymetholone (Anadrol) with other AAS? Despite the fact that oxymetholone itself is a very potent steroid, it is often combined with Bolden, Trenbolone, Testosterone or Promoblan, which further increases muscle gain. It is impossible to combine Androlik with AAS 17-alkylate because of possible liver damage.

Side effects

Oxymetholone is almost the most dangerous oral steroid. And I must say, it’s not without foundation. At high doses, the side effects of Androlic happen quite often. To avoid them, it is necessary to break the dose in three or four doses (this will avoid the “hormonal explosions”), and also to proceed in a timely manner to the PCT. There are the following side effects: gynecomastia, fluid accumulation, increased blood pressure, liver damage. Androlic – a serious steroid, which must be taken with strict adherence to the relevant recommendations.

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