Category: Injectable Steroids
Package: 10ml vial (300mg/ml)
Substance: Boldenone undecylenate (Equipose)
Manufacturer: Maxtreme

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Bold-Max is a fairly strong anabolic steroid with a moderate androgenic effect. Ether undsilenate increases the period of action of the drug, the period of its presence in the blood (about 3 weeks). This makes it possible to take the drug less often than once a week, but prevents using it to athletes before the competition. The main task of  is the formulation and drying of muscles, which are provided with not one layer of subcutaneous fat. Bold-Max is a summer drug when you want to impress everyone with your cubes and veins on large biceps.

Effects of Bold-Max

Strongly stimulates the appetite, which gives an advantage to mass-gathering courses. Significantly accelerates the synthetic processes. Guarantees a slow but high-quality stable set of muscle mass. An improvement in the supply of oxygen to muscle cells, an increase in the content of red blood cells in the blood was noted. An increase in the number of capillaries in the muscle was registered, which, in turn, markedly increases venousness. Has a low rating of aromatization (below methane). Boldenone, unlike methandrostenolone, has the property of stabilizing (activate) androgen receptors. Not so much inhibits the production of their own testosterone, in comparison with other anabolic steroids. The use of the drug does not require the use of antiestrogens. Do not depress the libido.

Bold-Max courses

All courses are aimed at shaping the muscles, delineating the boundaries, allocating lines. The minimum weekly dosage of the drug is about 400 mg. It is not advisable to use a smaller amount, if you want to see good results, the more Bold-Max is characterized by a slow, long, but gradual effect. Large doses do not lead to better results, but the risk of side effects increases. Therefore, we advise to stay away from the lower and upper limits, and take the drug at the optimal dosages. This will have a positive effect on your form and will not affect your health.

Course №1

Duration: 7-8 weeks.

Dosage: 750 mg – Bold-Max per week + 40 mg – Turinabol daily.

Effect: Formulation of muscle mass, burning of subcutaneous fat .

Course №2

Duration: 7-8 weeks.

Dosage: 550 mg – Bold-Max per week + 40 mg – Stanozolol daily + 100 cg Testosterone propionate every other day.

Effect: elimination of subcutaneous fat, the manifestation of clearly delineated muscle fibers.

Course №3

Duration: 7-8 weeks.

Dosage: 750 mg – Bold-Max 350mg per week + – Trenbolone week.

Effect: increased venousness, endurance, improved quality of muscle mass.

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