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Substance: Clomiphene citrate (Clomid)
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Clomid 50mg acts on the receptors of estrogens in the pituitary and ovaries. Linking estrogen receptors in the pituitary gland, clomid breaks the mechanism of negative feedback, i.e. if usually estrogens, acting on the pituitary, reduce the production of FSH and LH, then when taking clomid it does not happen. Immediately on the level of estrogens in the blood clomid does not work.

How to take Clomid 50mg on PCT after the course

Dosages of Clomid 50mg depend on how the steroid course was passed. The more medications were taken and the more their dosages were, the longer it would take to bring the body back to normal.

In general, the reception scheme looks like this:

  • after a very difficult course – 3 * 150, 12 * 100, 15 * 50, 15 * 25;
  • after a heavy course – 15 * 100, 15 * 50, 15 * 25;
  • after the average course – 30 * 50, 15 * 25;
  • after an easy course -15 * 50, 15 * 25, 15 * 25 (once in 2 days)
  • after a very easy course – 15 * 50, 15 * 25.

The first figure is the number of days during which the drug should be taken. The second figure following the asterisk is the recommended dosage of the drug. For example, 15 * 100/15 * 50 will mean that the clomid must be taken within 15 days of 100 mg, and then another 15 days for 50 mg.

Reviews about Clomid 50mg in bodybuilding

On the Internet, there are practically no negative reviews about the drug. This does not seem surprising: clomid does not have side effects, at least if it is taken in accordance with the instructions and recommendations of specialists.  makes it possible to quickly restore the level of testosterone after a course of steroids, and also contributes to minimal muscle loss.

Any negative feedback about the use of clomid in bodybuilding is absent. Unsurprisingly, because the side effects of the drug are absent (at least, not observed). Clomiphene citrate helps athletes recover quickly and suffer minimal losses after a course of steroids.

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