Category: Injectable Steroids
Package: 10 ampoules (250mg/ml)
Substance: Testosterone enanthate
Manufacturer: Eminence Labs

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Enaprime – a long-acting steroid. He is a testosterone ester, which is produced in the human body.  – is a product of testosterone. Testosterone – male sex hormone advanced anabolic secrets that creates sexual properties, is responsible for their development. At low testosterone production, or in absenteeism, there is a greater chance of adapting mental and physical activity.

Effects of Enaprime

  • This leads to increased muscle mass growth. The sharp increase in volumes is the accumulation of fluids. This is caused by hormone retention and estrogen activity. After the injection of the needle, repeat again. The muscle contraction is less pronounced or more pronounced.
  • Increases efficiency.
  • Creates sexy male organs Hormone is directly involved in developing secondary sexual characteristics, emphasizing the characteristics of men’s face, the lower tone of voice, and the body’s body part.
  • It affects the sex movement.
  • Improves phosphorus and nitrogen transfer.
  • This eliminates the disturbance of the shoulders, slices in the gaps of various problems and the pain in the joints.
  • This stimulates regeneration processes.
  • Increases tone and increases for class.
  • This prevents the state’s overtraining from starting.
  • The concentration of erythrocytes increases.

Possible side effects of Enaprime

The most serious setback in this drug is high estrogen, resulting in side effects: gynecomastia, etyma, body fat. They are usually redundant and are incompatible with the administration’s intervals.

The use of astrostrogens to remove these defects depends on the old method, which is less susceptible to aromatase performance. The use of antistrogens should be initiated after normal hormone production is discontinued.

The active half-life of Testosterone Enanthate is about 15 -16 days. With an average dosage of 200 mg to 500 mg every four to five days, its peak occurs around the 3rd week of the cycle. During this period also the greatest increases in muscle mass occur. Unfortunately, Enaprime like any testosterone it causes strong side effects. Has a tendency to retain water in the body, excessive accumulation of fatty tissue and the formation of gynecomastia. This is due to its high aromatization to estrogen, so to maintain a decent definition of muscles, in the cycle with Testosterone Enathat it is necessary to take antiestrogens such as Tamoxifen or Proviron.

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