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The troubled world, the voracious competition on the job market, the pressure of the first cycle of Modafin, masters and doctorates tests. Public competitions require studies for strategic decision-making in companies, simultaneous entrance examinations at universities such as medicine, law and engineering. Readings with tight deadlines, delivery of long articles in a short period of time and the quest to overcome their own limitations and stand out in the academic or professional career.

These are some of the stages of life that are directly related to our cognitive performance. Thus, here and there, some scouts seek drugs and supplements to increase their ability to assimilate information, to stay for hours to study, to focus and to increase memory capacity. Does it exist? Is there a pill? Where to find this supplement? Which one is reliable? Or buy? What are the side effects?

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The drug Modafinil was originally created for the treatment of narcolepsy (a disease characterized by sudden and unexpected sleep for no apparent reason).

However, it did not take long to get the taste of candidates, students and other professions that need high cognitive performance.

Reasons for this? acts directly on the central nervous system (CNS) by inhibiting the production of hormones responsible for feeling tired and drowsy – such as the production of melatonin (one of the main hormones referenced by drowsiness).

At this point, many students are looking for Modafin to ensure the highest level of performance, even in the days when sleep seems to destroy any chance to learn.

Unlike Methylphenidate, Modafin is not used to increase concentration and reasoning; Yes, to avoid sleepy escape in studies and gain extra time of maximum productivity. Ritalin and Modafin have different actions in the brain.

Modafin Side Effects

What prevents most individuals from exploiting the nootropic market is the side effects generated by these substances that, for the most part, were not designed for cognitive enhancement. Few drugs are designed for cognitive and safe side effects.

In the case of Modafin, the medicine box carries the warning in bold type: it can lead to physical or psychological dependence.

In addition to the possibility of addiction, it is very common to experience severe headaches – headaches. These pains disappear with the cessation of the consumption of substances. Other common side effects are skin diseases (such as herpes), skin inflammation, loss of appetite, high levels of anxiety, and insomnia.

Continued use of Modafinil increases the chances of such side effects. With sporadic use, it is more common for side effects to be limited to headaches and mild dizziness.

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