Nandrorapid (vial)


Category: Injectable Steroids
Package: 10ml vial (100mg/ml)
Substance: Nandrolone phenylpropionate (NPP)
Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma

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Nandrorapid (vial) is an anabolic and androgenic steroid from Indian pharmaceutical company Alpha Pharma. The main active ingredient is nandrolone phenylpropionate. Release form – in packs of 10 ml and 10×1 ml of 100 mg / ml. Compared to conventional decanoate, phenylpropionate has a shorter half-life and thus allows faster release of the active substance into the blood. Scientifically unconfirmed, but the athletes themselves say that Nandrorapid has a lower propensity to water retention, and therefore better combined with androgenic drugs.

 – a substance formed in the body in response to intense and prolonged physical activity. However, the amount of natural hormone is low and amounts to several nanograms per milliliter of urine. As for phenylpropionate, it is in demand thanks to several undeniable advantages. First of all, the steroid allows you to quickly restore the body’s testosterone production. Secondly, the drug has a lower probability of occurrence of negative reactions. And, thirdly, even with side effects, they disappear quickly after withdrawal of the steroids. The phenylpropionate ether chain is about 2 times shorter than the “bridges”. On doping control, the steroid detects around 16-18 months, so its use by professional athletes is only possible with the inclusion of masking agents.

Effects of Nandrorapid (vial) Admission

  • Effects of taking Nandrorapid Increased protein production. During Nandrorapid, a pronounced muscular hypertrophy is observed. The steroid allows the athlete to gain up to 10 kilograms of weight. However, we can not speak of a significant phenomenon of decline.
  • Preservation of the typed muscle mass.
  • Improved absorption of amino acids.
  • Strengthening ligaments and joints, improving their mobility. Nandrorapid stimulates the formation of collagen and synovial fluid.
  • Increased strength.
  • Stimulation of the use of fat cells as a source of energy.
  • Increase the erythrocyte mass of the blood, and therefore the endurance of the athlete.

How to take Nandrorapid (vial)

The Nandrorapid course is not recommended for minors, and athletes who have contraindications to taking AAS. Given the long side chain of the ether, the optimal frequency of steroid injections is 2 times a week. The dosage is determined on the basis of previous experience of the use of anabolic and androgenic drugs, the physiological characteristics of the athlete, the use of additional pharmacology on the course. With a solo consumption of nandrolone, the norm of the substance is about 150-250 milligrams per injection. Exceeding the weekly volume of 600 milligrams can only professional athletes, and only after consulting a doctor.

As for how to take Nandrorapid in combination with other steroids, the best choices are Turinabol, Testosterone, Masteron and Methandrostenolone. For combined courses, it is advisable not to exceed the total weekly dose of 500 milligrams. An acceptable combination is nandrolone with Turinabol and Winstrol.

Reviews about Nandrorapid

It can be said that the advantages and disadvantages of this steroid are two sides of the same coin. On the one hand, Alpha Pharma’s critics on Nandrorapid speak of the possibility of getting a quick effect, minimizing the “chances” of cancellation and the ability to “feel” the body. But at the same time, the “fast” ether causes a lot of criticism on the hardness of the injections and the formation of “cones” at the injection site.

Reviews on Nandrorapid, left by professionals, talk about the opportunity to use Nandrolone in combined classes. Experienced athletes do not advise a steroid as a first experience of using ASA.

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