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Substance: Oxandrolone (Anavar)
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Structurally it is a modified DHT, belongs to the SAA qualitative. It means that Oxa-Max gives smaller increments compared to eg Metanabol, but very good quality, it does not retain water in tissues. The first time Anavar was described in 1962, it was made in 1964 by Searle & Co. (currently Pfizer). It occurs under the names Lonavar (Argentina, Australia), Lipidex (Brazil), Antitriol (Spain), Anatrophill (France) and Protivar. Anavar was withdrawn from the US market in 1989, but returned in 1995 under the name Oxandrin, produced by Bio-Technology General Corp.

Oxa-Max is a fairly mild agent commonly used in medicine, it was often used to treat:

  • Turner syndrome (one of the symptoms of this disease is a small increase),
  • AIDS therapy,
  • growth and puberty disorders in boys,
  • burns,
  • in the destruction of the body,
  • with long-term corticosteroid therapy,
  • to relieve bone pain in osteoporosis,
  • after surgery, injuries, etc.

Typical side effects of using Oxa-Max:

  • liver toxicity, less than with other agents, but noticeable at doses greater than 30-40 mg per day, especially if the person has liver damage, drinks alcohol, uses other hepatotoxic drugs, drugs, etc.
  • interactions with drugs, anticoagulants, Warfarin (multiple dose reductions are required when using Anavar – even at a dose of 10-15 mg per day)
  • like Winstrol, Anavar reduces the amount of SHGB
  • may increase or decrease the amount of GH and IGF-1, the results are contradictory
  • literature describes the case of a man who after Oxandrolon suffered a painful, 36-hour erection, which required medical intervention. However, he also used marijuana and cocaine – and this could also affect the appearance of priapism
  • interactions with anti-diabetes drugs that reduce blood sugar levels
  • virilization in women, depending on the dose
  • change in blood lipid profile, increase in LDL, drop in HDL, risk for the heart and circulatory system
  • hematocrit increase
  • inhibition of testosterone production in the testes, blocking HPTA axis, effect on LH and FSH
  • increasing body weight
  • infertility, temporary or permanent.

How to take Oxa-Max?

Beginners can use Oxa-Max. However, they should know that using injected Testosterone, Nandrolone Decanoat or Metenolone Enantat will not only achieve a much better growth effect, but also the cost will be less. Whoever would still like to use this substance, usually takes 15-30 mg a day. Those who are interested in the growth of hard muscle, this connects  with stanozolol. 30 mg of Oxandrolone per day as well as 50 mg of stanozolol every two days will give the novices a nice increase in firm muscles over a period of eight weeks, which remains after discontinuation. Since Oxa-Max has a half-excretion period of 9.4 hours, the total daily dose should be broken down into three single doses.

For advanced bodybuilders taking Oxa-Max gives some advantages properly only during the diet phase. Here you can use 20-40 mg per day. Optimally, Anavar for this purpose is combined with steroids, the use of which gives the same goal, and so are substances that aromatise weakly or not at all and act strongly and moderately in androgenic, to maintain strength and muscle mass as well as improve their hardness.

Here Testosterone Propionate, Trenbolone and Stanozolol are especially suitable. A good cure in preparation before or during a diet would be to use 30 mg of Oxa-Max daily, 50 mg of stanozolol per day, 50 mg of trenbolone acetate per day as well as 50 mg of testosterone propionate per day. Women use Anavar in a dose of 10-25 mg daily and achieve good results with only minor side effects.

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