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Package: 10 ampoules (100mg/ml)
Substance: Methenolone acetate (Primobolan)
Manufacturer: Eminence Labs

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Primoprime is an injectable form of methenolone. This is exactly the same compound that is part of Primoprime tablets (metenolone acetate). Both drugs are manufactured by Schering. Injection version, in the form of enanthate, ensures free and even action of the agent. The duration of action and the level of concentration will be similar to that of Testosterone enanthate, remaining elevated to 2 weeks. Methenolone is a long-acting steroid with virtually no androgenic properties.

Effects of Primoprime

The anabolic effect is considered slightly weaker than the popular Deca-Durabolin. Therefore, Primoprime is most commonly used during the work on the definition before the competition, when increasing muscle mass is not the most important goal. Some bodybuilders, however, combine it with muscle enhancers – with Dianabol, Anadrol and Testosterone. Mostly, however, to reduce the required dose of androgens, minimizing the risk of side effects. Considering the choice between Depot and tablets, it is better to choose the first one, it is definitely more effective than the costs of the treatment.

Primoprime does not convert to estrogens at all, so it does not show typical side effects. Even very vulnerable users should not worry about them. Muscle mass gained on Primoprime is always of high quality, without unnecessary water retention. In addition, elevated blood pressure is rare, associated with just with estrogen and retention. Moderate doses of 100 – 200mg per week should not interfere with the hypothalamus – pituitary – testicular function, to the extent that they are injected with nandrolones or testosterones. Higher doses may, however, cause such a phenomenon, therefore appropriate treatments after the end of treatment will be necessary.

Primoprime is generally a very mild substance, with no apparent side effects. There may be some androgenic side effects, but only at significantly increased doses. This measure is the most popular steroid among women, offering satisfactory results without unnecessary side effects. Women, however, should opt for tablets. The faster-acting acetate ester allows more effective control of the concentration of the agent in the blood, in case of problems after discontinuation, the concentration drops quickly.Primoloban is perceived as the mildest steroid available on the market, great for beginners, older and vulnerable users.

Primoprime cycle

Primoprime practically never applies alone. Most bodybuilders combine it with other steroids to increase the anabolic effect. In the periods of work on the definition, they use stacks with non-aromatizing androgens, such as Halotestin or Trenbolone. This favors obtaining a high quality, very “hard” definition. Another option involves combining Primoprime with Winstrol, or another steroid with strong anabolic properties.

Dosage of Primoprime

The standard, effective dose is 100 – 200mg per week. In medicine, the drug is used even for a long time. Most men respond well to doses of 200mg, but using it for a long time must take a bit more. Bodybuilders often reach doses ranging from 600 to 800mg a week, which is quite beneficial for them. Such high doses may already contribute to the occurrence of side effects, but usually they are quite mild.

This combination also improves the definition and minimal increase in muscle mass, with relatively low side effects. If we aim to increase muscle mass, we add Testosteron / Dianabol / Anadrol. In this case, however, we are exposed to aromatization and related side effects. However, the presence of Primoprime lowers the required dose of androgen, minimizing this effect.

Women have very good results at low doses of 50 – 100mg per week. As mentioned earlier, they should rather reach for tablets. They often take Primoblan in combination with Winstrol or Oxandolone, increasing the anabolic effect of the treatment. It is then necessary to carefully control androgenic side effects. As with men, combining Primoprime with other SAAs does not require doses equal to that of Pimobolan alone. Particularly beneficial for people susceptible to side effects of steroids. Beginners with Primoprime women are advised to take tablet forms, possibly later injectable.

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