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Provironum is a steroid drug with strong androgenic activity and moderate / weak anabolic action, used both in sport practice and in medicine. In medicine, the described agent is used primarily for the treatment and therapy of diseases associated with impaired sexual function in men – decreased potency, male infertility, loss of strength, hypogenitalism and others.

In turn, in sports (in bodybuilding, weightlifting and other popular disciplines today), is used primarily as a means with antiestrogenic properties (can prevent / eliminate estrogenic side effects – gynecomastia, fluid retention, etc.), and because of its ability increase the concentration of free testosterone in the blood (feasible by blocking the sex hormone binding globulin).

Dosage of Provironum

The total dosages of procirovone depend on your goals. However, in most cases, the standard scheme is suitable for athletes: 50 mg, either every day, or every other day. In some individual cases, it rises to 75 and even 100 mg per day, but this is more relevant to professional performing bodybuilders on stage.

Do not exceed the indicated dosage. Any androgen exerts its positive effect only with dosed admission. Excess can do much harm.

Side Effects of Provironum

A serious “side effect” is a strong erection. If you use compote from esters of testosterone and proviron, be prepared for the fact that any girl will become more attractive, and you will want to mate with her. Libido with admission provironum jumps to the limit values, especially against the background of an injectable testosterone ester, whether it is enanthate or propionate.

Many athletes because of this fact do not include proviron in their combined courses. That’s why athletes buy procyron only as an emergency anti-estrogen (ginou suppressant) for the course. Remember: provironum is not clomid, and it can not replace it. These are completely different drugs.


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