Suspension 100


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Package: 10 mL vial (100 mg/mL)
Substance: Testosterone suspension
Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma

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Suspension 100 is referred to as androgen injection, is an aqueous injectable preparation containing testosterone (contains no ether, chemical formula C19H28O2). Due to the fact that testosterone is poorly soluble in water, the steroid settles on the bottom. If the vial is shaken, the drug will turn into a suspension. In the literature this steroid was hardly described, in connection with the fact that it is considered to be ineffective. The circulation of the substance occurs more than a couple of hours, this drug is beyond any doubt useful.

It is a well-known fact that testicles are responsible for male sexual characteristics and behavior – they have known for a long time, but only in 1849 scientists were able to determine the mechanism of these processes. German scientist Arnold Adolf Berthold discovered that the testicles secrete some unknown substance into the bloodstream.

After decades, the French physiologist Charles Edward Brown-Sekara, the founder of modern studies of hormones, tried to isolate this substance from a concentrated extract, which was obtained from testicles of guinea pigs and dogs. He believed that the injection of the extract would have an effect on the increase in physical strength and intellectual abilities in humans.

Course of Suspension 100

Suspension 100 concentration of active substance in the blood is observed for 2 days, and therefore injections are performed daily. The daily dosage is from 50 to 100 milligrams. Given the frequency of injections, it is advisable to produce them in different places: this will prevent local side reactions. The recommended duration of taking testosterone suspension is 4-5 weeks. The pronounced suppression of the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis by the steroid requires the use of gonadotropin and the means of restoring the level of endogenous testosterone.

Professional athletes very often combine a with vitamin B12 or with other AAS. The soreness of injections can be reduced by a combination of lidocaine or novocaine. For a set of muscle mass in the course should include Boldenon or Nandrolone.

Side effects of Suspension 100

High androgenic activity predetermines frequent acne, gynecomastia and fluid accumulation. From the very beginning of the course, it is advisable to start taking antiestrogens. Toxicity to the liver is absent, except for very high dosages. As for the pain of injections, it is smaller than propionate.

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