Tretizen 20


Category: Skin
Package: 20mg (10 capsules)
Substance: Isotretinoin (Accutane)
Manufacturer: Zenlabs

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Description of Tretizen 20

Tretizen 20 acts due to the active kind of vitamin A, which has an increased synthesis in the human body. Isotretinoin is actively synthesized into the form of tretinoin and similar transformations of nuclear ligands that change gene expression and protein synthesis (induction or inhibition types), which depends on the degree of tissue damage.

Roaccutane reduces activity and sebaceous glands, which leads to a decrease in Propionibacterium acnes, which is itself not able to provide Isotretinoin. The drug has a complex antibacterial effect. The drug is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent with an antiseptic effect that reduces external signs of seborrhea and slows the temperature differentiation of keratinocytes. With regular application accelerates the process of regeneration of cells of skin tissues.

is used for various forms of acne or acne, including the treatment of pustular diseases, as well as hemorrhagic, draining and prone to scarring acne and acne. The drug works when standard therapy is contraindicated. The drug is prescribed in the complex treatment of rosacea, severe forms of folliculitis caused by the action of pathogenic m / o, as well as purulent hydradenitis (with additional treatment). The drug is also effective in the treatment of dysfunctions of horny tissues, roaccutane (isotretinoin) the price is available for course treatment.

Contraindications to Tretizen 20

Roacutane from acne is contraindicated with high sensitivity to the ingredients of the drug, the period of pregnancy and lactation (the drug has an embryotoxic effect). In the presence of hypervitaminosis of vitamin A, it is also forbidden to use a remedy. Rectal form of the drug is not recommended for use in diseases of the rectum. Various kinds of metabolic disorders (family form of the disease, all forms of alcoholism, obesity, diabetes). Active substance Isotretinoin increases the concentration of triglyceride in the body, which leads to an increased risk of cardiovascular dysfunction. The drug is not used for liver diseases, kidney failure, chronic pancreatic disease, diabetes mellitus or addiction to it.


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