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Bodybuilding mistakes in the press rod lying

It has long been no secret that the bench press bodybuilding is one of the major basic exercises, as employs a large number of different muscle groups. Indeed, in the press it employs a large number of muscles, from the deltas and ending back muscles. Bodybuilders use it for pumping pectoral muscles and triceps (all depending on the width of the grip rod).

However, this does not give different novices or professionals who are much sense in the bodybuilding avoid a lot of mistakes in this exercise is so amazing. Therefore, the article will be about the most frequent mistakes in bodybuilding bench press, that many people do this exercise, stop and think about the correct technique with which they perform it.

Key observations

And the first thing I want to say this is the bridge. What is the bridge of the bench press? Bridge – this is when you arch your back and hips off the bench in order to squeeze much more weight. Indeed, the bridge you will be able to reap much more than without it due to the fact that the work includes much more muscle, but on this occasion there are some nuances:

– Firstly, the bridge reduces the load on the pectoral muscles, since it stops the insulation back, in the bench press, this is very useful for pauelifterov, for their main task is to reap the greatest possible weight. However, the main task is not for bodybuilding much weight on the bar, they perform this exercise mostly for the purpose as much as possible to upload your chest.

– Secondly, the bridge is very traumatic exercise, since a very large burden placed on the spine and can be simply injure your back and spine.

What else?

Grip. It is important to calculate at what successful fellow must have your hands during this exercise. If you want to when the bench was pumped triceps, the grip should be at shoulder height, or has already, in case you want to pump your chest muscles, then the grip should be wide (wider than shoulders).

Monkey grip is another serious problem in the bench press. What is the monkey grip? When you grab your thumb from the rest of the fingers, rather than the opposite side those same fingers, then it is called a monkey grip. Why not reap with such a grip?

Bench press bodybuilding

bench press bodybuildingWell, firstly, with the grip will be hard to shake a lot of weight, and secondly, it is very traumatic, because you can not hold the bar and drop it on yourself. So it is better to perform the bench press with the right grip, the thumb when holding the rod neck opposite the other four fingers.

Staging elbows. In the bench you need to make sure that the elbows are not reduced in different directions. Be sure to lock your elbows in the same position when performing this exercise, otherwise it is likely to get seriously injured pectoral and other muscles.

Too much weight. Very often beginners that have just do Do not know what this room, think only about that as much as possible to shake. This is a wrong way of thinking, because the first thing you need to think about neuromuscular communication and proper technique execution, otherwise, I think you will be surprised, if you download today pectoral muscles, and the next day will hurt your leg muscles.

The exercise without a warm-up approach. A very serious mistake that should be corrected. Affairs that our muscles are cold and need to warm up. In general, to start performance of a particular exercise with a cold of a cold muscle is counterproductive and traumatic, so be sure before you start your work repetition, you must make a few warm-up with small scales, and empty stamp.

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