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Classic bodybuilding exercises work best

Exercises in athleticism from the so-called “old school” are most suitable for most people. The thing is that these bodybuilding exercises were created by bodybuilders in those days when the very bodybuilding industry was not as developed as it is today, with a lot of strange simulators and all kinds of sports supplements. Athletes of that era still did not know all this. However, they needed such exercises, which would maximally work out the muscles and effectively stimulate muscle growth. And this foundation was carried out by everyone, both athletes of the competitive sample, and ordinary visitors of gyms. Everyone could achieve significant results of their level, performing the basic exercises of bodybuilding 60-70’s.

bodybuilding exercisesOver time, when the fitness industry began to evolve, and bodybuilding evolved from an underground view into professional competitions, all kinds of professional simulators appeared, on which mostly competitive athletes train and the maximum variety is not in every hall. Such bodybuilding exercises are indisputably good, they work out the muscles with targeted effectiveness, but still the “classic” of athleticism is still the basis that is necessary for the development of strength and the construction of strong muscles. Here are the 10 most popular exercises of the “old school” of bodybuilding:

Pulling up a wide grip.

The main exercise for the development of the widest muscles of the back, the width of the shoulders and the strength of the entire torso as a whole. The key to the effectiveness in this exercise is in tightening above the chin, while trying to pull up so high to touch the top of the chest crossbar. This maximum amplitude in the best way stimulates muscle growth. Pulling up a wide grip is useful for everyone, especially adolescents aged 14-16. If at this age to begin to perform this exercise, the humeral girdle will develop in breadth, as the skeleton is still actively growing and forming bodybuilding exercises.

Plus, in the pull-ups directly involved and biceps, which are worked out as effectively as other muscles of the trunk.

Traction of the T-bar in slope.

The uniqueness of the exercise consists in the greatest stretching of the widest muscles at the lowest point of the amplitude in comparison with the usual rod rod. Also, thanks to a narrow grip, a more intense contraction of the back muscles at the upper point of the amplitude is provided. T-bar allows you to work with a lot of weight and greatly increases traction power.

Thrust dumbbells in slope.

Thrust dumbbells in slopeIf you want to load the back muscles separately, the best exercise is simply not to be found. With traction dumbbells can only be compared to traction in the Hummer. Carrying out a dumbbell alternately (at first with one hand, then with the other), you pull the dumbbells tilt effectively to the back muscles due to the increased concentration, which gets only one area, for example, the right one, if you pull with your right hand, while the other area is used in the next set. This exercise is also forceful, so you need to use a fairly heavy weight, but keep your back completely straight. Along with the muscles of the back, the pull of the dumbbells perfectly develops and the back beam of the deltoid muscle.

Press the rod on a horizontal bench.

In the world of modern super-simulators, barbell press remains the most effective basic exercise for pectoral muscles, developing not only muscle volume, but also strength. It is interesting that according to the nature of the impact on the pectorals, only one exercise is ahead of it. As you know, the options for bench press are three: horizontal, inclined head up and inclined head down. When the scientists decided to find out which option the breast muscles use best, they carried out a study in which the testers Push-ups performed these bodybuilding exercises using an electromyograph. The electromyograph showed that
the greatest activation of the pectoral muscles was caused by an inclined bench press downward, with dumbbells, followed by the same version with a barbell and a horizontal press.

Push ups.

The simplest exercise of all, but very effective, and in some cases is capable of replacing the horizontal bench press, for example, if you need to induce the pumping effect of pectoral muscles (fill the muscles with blood, which for the sake of diversity just sounds great) or warm up before heavy presses. Plus, there are push-up systems that increase metabolism in the body.

Pullover with a dumbbell across the bench.

This exercise is rather controversial. Someone performs it for the chest, others – for the widest muscles of the back. And even anatomically, these muscles are involved, and those. At the lowest point of the amplitude, which should be like an Arnold pullover with a dumbbell below, an excellent stretch is obtained by the chest, therefore, by the way, pullover is often performed after heavy horizontal or inclined presses, and at the time of lifting dumbbells, direct load is obtained by the widest.

Squats with a barbell on the shoulders.

Squats with a barbell on the shouldersOld good sit-ups, as mentioned in one of the previous articles, stimulate not only the growth of the leg muscles, but also effectively start the process of hormone production, which affects the increase in all muscle groups, and also increases strength and endurance.

Raising the bar on the bicep while standing.

What bodybuilding exercises develops the strength of the hands best. The answer is one – lifting the bar to the bicep while standing. This, so to speak, one of the most brutal bodybuilding exercises, should be performed with enough weight to force effect. But this does not mean that it is necessary to carry out repetitions carelessly, just to raise the bar. At least, you need to perform 6 “pure” repetitions, and the next 2-4 – with the help of a partner or using the principle of “cheating” (jerky push the whole body). From the upper point of the amplitude, the barbell should be lowered markedly slowly, so the tension in the biceps will increase at times.

The press dumbbells with both hands from behind the head while sitting.

Like the bar for biceps, this exercise is very effective for triceps, developing not only the strength of the triceps, but Ronnie Coleman – the press of the dumbbell and their volume, and separation (separation of muscles). Here, too, you should choose a sufficiently large weight and perform movement solely on the strength result. Due to the regular performance of the dumbbell press, the working weights in other types of presses increase noticeably. However, this exercise is dangerous in the sense that muscular “failure” can come quite unexpectedly and there is a risk of falling dumbbells, so the exercise is performed only with the partner’s insurance.

Rise to the socks in the simulator standing.

Does anyone need large calves? If yes, then first of all you should pay attention to this classic simulator. This is really strong-willed work. If everything is done right here, then somewhere on the 10-12 repetition there is such burning sensation in the calves that everything that was before it will seem like a fun entertainment. For apparent simplicity, some secrets of implementation are hidden, using which you can achieve more effective results. One such is the separation of the positive amplitude of the motion. From the lower point of the amplitude, slowly rise up, then in the middle of the amplitude, take a short pause and perform a jerky motion (intense-second rise) to the top point, after which we linger for a moment and slowly descend, mentally feeling the tension in the calves. And everything repeats itself again. This method will work with slightly larger scales, and a slow negative phase will be accentuated to act on caviar. Lower should be lower, but as high as possible. Standing on the toes is the main exercise for the calf muscles, developing volume and separation.

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