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How to inject steroids.

There are several things you need to know, from stabbing anabolic steroids. Most importantly – always remember that you need to be clean and hygiene. Always use new syringes sealed. Never use old syringes and, especially, strangers. Make sure the injection site clean and choose the right (cit. “Where the stabbing”). Get a new syringe out of the package, put it on the needle and make sure it is tightly held on the syringe. Wipe the bottle top (if you use a steroid vial) with a cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol to make sure that he is sterile. Take off the needle shielding sheath, inserting a needle into the vial, turn it upside down and fill the syringe with the desired amount of liquid plus a little above that, Strengthening exercises.

Now knock finger on a syringe to collect all bubbles in the upper part of the syringe into one, then enter the additional portion of the liquid taken over, back into the bottle and the air will go along with it. With the help of the other, soaked with alcohol, cloth, wipe the injection site. Try not to what not to touch the needle, because it can stain the needle and lead to serious problems with infection. If the needle of the spilled some liquid, do not touch or wipe it, because it will help to lubricate the injection site. Now, similar to the syringe holding dart at an angle of 90 degrees to enter the needle deep within the muscle. Then, pull the plunger back – if the blood enters the syringe, then you’re hooked on the blood vessel, and you should remove the needle and try once more. If there is no blood, slowly (to avoid pain) pushes the needle, until all the liquid is not in the muscle. Finally, quickly take out the needle and massage the injection site another sterile cloth (this will reduce the bleeding and remove the discomfort in the following days). Wear protective sheath on the needle and remove it from the syringe. Try not to be administered in the same place for more than 2 ml and more than 2 times per week. Remember: Never use a syringe and needle again.

WHERE batters

Anabolic steroids, like oil and water-based, to be administered intramuscularly (deep into the muscle tissue). The most common place for at \ m injection is the buttocks, outer thigh and delta. These muscles are most commonly used because of their thickness. They contain more fibers and extensive fascia. Fascia – a connective tissue that surrounds and separates muscles. In this regard, it introduced the steroid has a large surface area of ​​absorption. During the injection, the goal – to insert the needle as far as possible and not to hurt either the nerve or blood vessel. The best place for injection, gluteus medius is located in the upper outer part of the buttocks. She The preferred because of its thickness and the presence of a small number of nerves. When injected into the muscle is very low probability of hitting the vessel or the sciatic nerve, which passes through the bottom and middle part of the buttocks. If you damage it, you will feel a lot of pain and can be temporarily paralyzed.


Choosing the right syringe is very important. First of all, you need the correct syringe volume. The liquid is measured in cubic millimeters. Second, you need a needle, a deep part of the muscle for optimal absorption of sufficient diameter to pass oil, but not too wide, so as not to get hurt. There are many different types of syringes: some longer, some thicker. Most bodybuilders prefer 2-3ml syringe. If you doubt what to select a syringe, – Consult your pharmacist, press dumbbells.

Intramuscular and subcutaneous injections on their own, without medical personnel. Detailed description. 

In recent years, medical services have become very expensive. Can we sometimes do on their own? It is. For example, subcutaneous and intramuscular injections can do competently and layman. Below – the detailed instructions.

What is needed?

1. Medicine. Carefully read the instructions for use, pay attention to the expiration date on the particular administration (oil solutions need to pre-heat the hot water to body temperature, some of the solutions to be administered very slowly – it is always specified), the main thing – carefully read.

2. Syringe. It is better not to buy domestic, and some Western firms have the needle point is not so painful to inject. Typically, a hypodermic syringe is used in 2 milliliters for intramuscular – 5 and 10 ml, depending on the amount of administered drug.

3. Special blade for opening the ampoule (available in the package).

4. Vata.

5. Alcohol 

6. The patient is preferably in a prone position for intramuscular injection, in a sitting position – for subcutaneous.


1. Incise and open the ampoule (if ampoule paint painted point, then cut already, below, in the narrow “neck” of the ampoule);inject steroids

2. Dial the medicine into the syringe through the needle, and raising it with the needle upwards and push the plunger to release the air until there are drops of medicine. Absolutely! Note that if the syringe were air bubbles, it is necessary to shake the syringe or tap it, the bubble has moved to the needle, and a second time to release the air large biceps!

3. Coat fleece with an alcohol injection space. Intramuscular administration is – outer upper buttocks, subcutaneous – hand region from the shoulder to the elbow approximately in the middle and outside.

4. Enter a syringe needle as soon as possible, a strong movement. Here are some nuances. If the skin is wrinkled, her nzhno spread before the introduction of the needle, as if apart. If the injection is subcutaneous, with his free hand need to pinch the skin at a specified location together with the subcutaneous layer and prick at the base of the “pinching”, at an angle of about 30 on, then release the skin.

5. Enter the medication slowly.

6. Quickly pull out the syringe, holding the skin cotton swab.

7. Attach the cotton wool and easy to massage the injection site, to cure quickly dispersed. If there is some blood, it’s not scary, you are in a small vial. Leave the cotton wool for a while.

When long-term course of injections is desirable to draw a grid iodine to accelerate healing.
Good luck and do not be afraid! Everything once happens for the first time!

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