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Altamofen-10 and gynocomastia

Altamofen-10 is commonly referred to in several ways: as a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM), as an anti-estrogen (which is actually incorrect, as we will see later), and finally as triphenylethylene. I sometimes say that Nolvadex is a SERM, because of my three options, it is correct (because we know that calling it an anti-estrogen is incorrect), and pronounceable (because we know that I have no idea of ​​how to say “triphenylethylene”).

Altamofen actually has some applications for the steroid using the athlete. First, its most common use is for the prevention of gynocomastia. does this by competing for the receptor site in the breast tissue, and binding to it. Thus, we can say that the effect of tamoxifen is due to the blockage of mammary tissue by the estrogen receptor, especially since the total estradiol of the body increases with the use of tamoxifen. Obviously, if you are on a cycle that includes steroids that turn into estrogen, you may want to consider nolvadex as a good choice for running alongside them.

Altamofen-10 Cycle

Altamofen, however, is not the most potent auxiliary compound that we can use on a cycle, but it is probably the safest because it does not really reduce estrogen in your body. . Estrogen is also important for a functioning immune system, and not only, but your lipid profile (HDL and LDL) should also show marked improvement with tamoxifen administration. Many bodybuilders actually use this thing during their cycle for the health benefits provided by it. If, however, you are preparing for a bodybuilding contest, you must use something that will suck most (if not all) of your body’s estrogen. I speculate that you could use Altamofen for the majority of a competition preparation cycle, to stay relatively healthy, then move to Letrozole for the last 8 weeks.

Altamofen also has some important features for the steroid using the athlete. In hypogonadal and infertile men who received nolvadex, increases in serum LH, FSH, and, more importantly, testosterone were observed. The best (approximate) estimate I can give you of my research is that 20mg of Altamofen will increase your testosterone levels by about 150% … and this would greatly facilitate post-cycle recovery. What this means for us is that if you take Altamofen after a cycle, when you try to raise your testosterone, LH and FSH levels to normal, it will greatly help recovery. In fact, if I were limited to one compound to help me recover after the cycle, Altamofen would be my choice. If you want a comparison, it would take 150 mg of Clomid to accomplish this type of testosterone elevation, but nolvadex also significantly increased the LH (Leutenizing Hormone) response to LHRL after 6 weeks.

Some of the more severe auxiliary components available today will give you a “dry” look that nolvadex can not, but nolvadex is simply safer to use in long cycles (more than 16 weeks).

Side effects of Altamofen-10

Unfortunately, Altamofen is not perfect. For the record, he has been linked to reduced gains in some bodybuilders. This is not due, as previously thought, to the reduction of estrogen levels (which is not the case), but rather to its ability to reduce levels of IGF (Insulin Growth Factor) important for the muscles. growth.

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