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Tamoxifen (Altamofen 10) is an anti-estrogen medication that inhibits the absorption of estrogen receptors throughout the body, rather than lowering the quantity of female hormones. This fact makes it feasible for you to swiftly and efficiently address any potential negative effects linked to an increase in the female hormone estrogen.


As you are aware, your own testosterone level drops significantly during any anabolic steroid cycle, but the total amount of testosterone in your blood remains high because of the frequent injections. Because the body always tries for hormonal balance, it perceives this high level of testosterone as an emergency and responds by increasing the level of female hormones by converting them from testosterone to estrogen to equalize them.


As soon as the steroid cycle is complete, testosterone rapidly declines yet estrogen levels are still high. You must immediately stop the impact of elevated levels of female hormones to prevent a collapse in muscle mass and other detrimental effects. This is where Altamofen 10 enters the picture.


Most steroid cycles follow this general pattern. Therefore, purchasing Altamofen 10 is highly advised for any cycle involving aromatase-inducing medications. When female hormones go above their usual range and start to hinder muscle mass growth, it can be helpful both on the PCT and throughout the cycle itself. Typically, this occurs when the medications are mixed improperly, used at greater quantities, or for extended periods of time.



  • Significant biological activity (much higher than that of Clomid).
  • Strong anti-estrogenic properties that inhibit receptors.
  • Early suppression of a number of adverse effects, such as gynecomastia.
  • A prompt impact that becomes apparent a day after starting the medication.
  • Lower cholesterol levels (low-density lipoproteins).



For post-cycle therapy, one tablet in the morning and one in the evening will typically be sufficient (20–40 mg). Use tamoxifen at night, just before bed, if 20 mg is sufficient for you. Similar amounts can be used to avoid gynecomastia while the cycle is in progress. 20mg of Tamoxifen should be more than sufficient to lessen any estrogenic symptoms when used with Proviron.


It is advised that you purchase Tamoxifen in advance since you will need to start taking it immediately during your cycle if you notice any potential gynecomastia symptoms to prevent it from occurring. The likelihood that gynecomastia, or breast tissue swelling, won’t go away easily increases as it progresses.


PCT with tamoxifen shouldn’t last more than three to four weeks. Tamoxifen will lose its effectiveness if progestin medications, such as Trenbolone or primarily Deca (Nandrolone Decanoate), are used during the cycle. Cabergoline (Caber), an anti-progestin medication, should be administered in its place.


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