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Take Nolvadex and Get Unbelievable Body Building Gains

Tamoxifen citrate (Nolvadex) is a well-known and extremely powerful Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM). It is also referred as an anti-estrogen. It has both agonist as well as antagonist properties. Due to the binding estrogen receptor function, Nolvadex is extremely productive for treating breast cancer patients. Tamoxifen citrate prevents the attaching of cancer with estrogen hormones, due to which the cancer has nothing to feed and its survival is at stake. It also prevents estrogen related side effects such as gynecomastia faced by anabolic steroid users. Many anabolic steroid users also face suppression of natural testosterone production, therefore, Nolvadex restores the natural production when used in a Post Cycle therapy. It not only increases the natural production levels but also prevents the physique from catabolism.

In cutting cycle, the results of Tamoxifen citrate are not very significant. However, mostly athletes use it as an anti-estrogen in order to prevent gynecomastia. To avoid estrogenic side effects, Aromatase Inhibitors can also be used. However, they have negative impact on blood pressure level, therefore, Nolvadex is ideal for avoiding estrogenic side effects.

Notes to Keep in Mind Prior Taking Nolvadex

Although there are some side effects associate with , however, it is extremely well tolerated by most males and females. Side effects in men are extremely rare, whereas women can face some side effects. These side effects include itching in vagina, headaches, and upset stomach. Discomfort in vagina can also be experienced by females.

There are some other side effects also which include rash, decreased anabolic finishers white blood cell count, endometrial changes, increased levels of triglyceride and pulmonary embolism. These are the only side effects associated with Nolvadex. However, most of these side effects are extremely rare and uncommon. Women who are pregnant should not take Nolvadex at any cost. Otherwise, the results will be devastating for the child.

Guide for Taking Nolvadex Appropriately

Tamoxifen citrate is mostly used to treat patients with breast cancer, so the normal dose range for these patients lies between 10 to 20mg per day. An initial dose of 40mg per day is also common, however, once the breast cancer is eliminated, there is no reason to take 10 to 20 mg per day indeterminately.

In order to avoid estrogenic side effects, a dose of 10 to 20mg per day is ideal. If 20mg per day is not doing the trick, then Aromatase Inhibitor must be used in place of Tamoxifen citrate.

For post cycle therapy, the dose will start with 40mg per day for few weeks and then drop to 20mg per week for few weeks. Once the PCT is completed, the dose should be terminated. The duration of PCT of Nolvadex should range between 3 to 6 week. The exact time of Nolvadex PCT depends upon when the legal anavar for sale steroid cycle ended.

Large ester anabolic cycle would need to start Tamoxifen citrate PCT after 2 weeks.

Small ester anabolic cycle would need to start Nolvadex PCT after 3 days.

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