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T3-Max-25, under this name is the thyroid hormone. It is a very popular preparation used for fat loss, especially in the context of anabolic steroid cycles. T3 is produced in the body naturally as a result of thyroid production. Additional  T3 supply means higher serum concentrations than without such intervention, and this leads to faster fat loss. In some cases, we also have a greater production of growth hormone and an increase in anabolism.

DOSAGE T3-Max-25

There are two ways to take T3:

The first version is about getting an advantage in the already ongoing process of losing fat or helping to maintain a proper body weight. In this case, the T-3 Cytomel doses are very low. You should take 12.5 mcg / day, sometimes twice as much – 25 mcg / day. Importantly, with the long-term use of a daily dose of 25 mcg, the studies showed detectable thyroid inhibition.

The second dosage option assumes achieving a fairly rapid increase in the rate of fat loss as a result of thyroid suppression. Here, the best dose is about 50 mcg per day, in some cases it can increase up to 75 micrograms per day. Such dosages should not exceed a certain time, usually 8 to 12 weeks.


Because T3 has a short half-life, the preferred doses in a single intake are 12.5 mcg / day. Most preferably after T3 reach in the morning, but the daily dose of 50 mcg, better now divided into 3 or 4 doses, it brings a better effect than taking such a portion at a time.

The first thing to consider when reaching for the oral T3 is that the formulation has poor stability. This is mainly due to the fact that liquid preparations are more susceptible to loss of efficiency than those in the tablet version. It is worth taking T3 only from reliable manufacturers. Otherwise, the effects may be uncertain or deceptive.


The use of T3-Max-25 for a longer period causes that the natural production of the thyroid hormone is suppressed or inhibited for some time after discontinuation of T3. Typically, the duration of this phenomenon depends on the length of application. In the case of long cycles using T3, “thyroid suppression” can last up to 6 weeks.

T3 overdose

High doses of T3-Max-25 start at 75 micrograms / day, in some cases, up to about 100 micrograms / day. This amount of the preparation may cause tachycardia (increased cardiac arrhythmia), muscle weakness, and may also result in decreased anabolism. High doses of anabolic steroids tend to mask the latter side effect.

It’s good to know that very high concentrations of T3 are dangerous to the heart.


A high level of T3 reduces the level of IGF-1 (hormone polypeptide produced predominantly in the liver by reaction with growth hormone, releases it from the pituitary glands), and this in turn may reduce the anabolic effect of growth hormone. It does not affect the effectiveness of GH in fat burning.

This effect causes that some people reach for T3 to relieve the side effects of GH (growth hormone). Indeed, this happens when we take T3 – then the same dose of GH produces less IGF-1 in the body than usual. This seems more effective only to reduce the GH dose to an individually appropriate level.

At doses above 50 mcg / day, T3 actually suppresses GH, but at doses of the order of 25 mcg / day it is virtually unnoticeable.


There is no doubt that T3-Max-25 is a very effective preparation supporting fat loss, but it is not free of defects. With serious side effects you have to take into account when overdosing. Therefore, be careful when dosing and gradually reach the target dose. The resolution will result in losing weight on which we care without unpleasant consequences.

Special interest in bodybuilding are the thyroid hormones. The thyroid gland is one of the most important in the human body organs of the endocrine system. Its normal operation depends on General human health because it produces hormones T3 and T4, which directly affect the speed of metabolism. Typically, those athletes who diet and are active in sports, the fat goes away very slowly. The reason is a weak thyroid gland. In this article we will talk about the hormone buy t3 online and its application in bodybuilding.

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